Incorporate all the tools needed to centralize and run purchasing operations

Feature rich web-based application dedicated for Requisition, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. From requisition entry through to order fulfillment, ProcureAgent software incorporate all the tools needed to centralize and run your purchasing operation. Requisitions, Sourcing, Approvals, Request for Quotation (RFP), Purchase Order, Goods Receiving, Inventory Control, Order Tracking, Contract Management, Asset Management and the generating & managing of Requests For Quotations are all available from within the application. Reduce the time and cost of having to print out documents at every level of proccurement process to the bearest minimum. With ProcureAgent, all transactions are done within and on online using your desktop, laptop, smart phone and tablets.
Manage organizational spending through efficient and transparent system

End-to-end integrated system providing seamless integration into your existing corporate infrastructure and accounting systems. It incorporates a best of breed approach to systems design and functionality. Control centric to allow data accuracy yet flexibly deployed to recognize the needs of the users in different departments. Also, it helps you better manage organizational spending through the efficient, cost-effective procurement of goods and services. ProcureAgent allows end users to keep track of what stage their requisition has made it to without having to track down several individuals. This is a huge advantage for end users in saving time in creating and keeping track of their requisitions.
Save time, money and go paperless without compromising quality

Reduce the time and cost of having to print out documents at every level of approval process to the minimum. With workflow management system, all transactions are done within and on online using your desktop, laptop and mobile devices. Raising request, approving request and document transfers, all these process are done on the system up until submission and approval.
ProcureAgent is already helping organizations in improving performance and productivity everyday
Key benefits of ProcureAgent to your organization
ProcureAgent is built with all the tools you need to manage your requisition approval and workflow processes from requisition creation all through approvals and the entire procurement workflo system

Functionalities of ProcureAgent
Our procurement solution is comprehensive to handle the most complicated and sorphisticated procurement approval matric and process workflow. It is also flexible enough to allow it work according to your business requirement and specifications. New modules are added on daily basis as we continue work with our partner in procurement and sourcing industry. Below are list of customizable modules your company will enjoy when you deploy ProcureAgent.
ProcureAgent Life Cycle
ProcureAgent offers full automation and customized design of a controlled process for the out of control traditional & manual purchasing activities. The ProcureAgent life cycle is picture that show simple flow of a generic procurement process.
Get started now

Purchasing and implementing ProcureAgent is only the beginning. Once your portal is up and running, support becomes key to long-term success. To get started request for live demonstration or quotation or send your requirement and approval matrix to sales team

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